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Demand generation - what do we mean by that? Well demand generation is all about the marriage between marketing and sales. It's about supporting the buyer journey from awareness to advocacy. Ultimately it's about contributing to revenue growth.

The vision of the demand generation team at Mynewsdesk is thus to be an undisputed catalyst for revenue growth, leveraging agile methodologies and a structured growth process. This means we're always experimenting to find better ways to add to bottom-line results.

My journey at Mynewsdesk actually began in early 2008 with sales. Growing with the organisation I had a lot of different roles ranging from sales to business development, from product to marketing. After a 3 year hiatus I'm back to do my bit in creating the most exciting marketing team in our field. Did I mention we also have an obsession when it comes to numbers and results.

Check out my profiles below to get to know the internet version of me or why not drop by for a coffee to get to know the real me.


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