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Join Mynewsdesk, the world’s leading all-in-one PR platform! With the latest technology, we create the latest technology for communications professionals. Mynewsdesk helps over 60,000 communicators from over 5,000 brands to publish, share, distribute, and analyse stories. With us, the brands earn the enthusiasm they truly deserve.

Our employees are the heart of our company. Fun, challenging, brilliant individuals who together continue to change the world of communication. We work together, we play together. Our company is continually growing. As an employee at Mynewsdesk, you will become part of the Mynewsdesk family, and we hope that you want to grow with us.

Peter Ingman, CEO and founder

Colleagues sometimes say to me: “My expectations really were exceeded when I started at Mynewsdesk!”
You want to know why? Listen to what we have to say.

What's it like to work at Mynewsdesk?

Mutesa Sithole

​People, people, people! It's fantastic to have such an emphasis on the quality of talent, interpersonal dynamics, and employer/employee empathy that I have found at Mynewsdesk. The freedom to let your talents and skills guide your path of development makes the culture so special. You're not shoe-horned to fit a need, you mould yourself.

- Content Manager

Anton Berner

Even though the company has grown quickly in the past few years, Mynewsdesk is still a place where creative ideas and outside-the-box thinking are encouraged. Talent and accomplishments never go unnoticed here, which is why I’ve chosen to build my career with this company.

- Senior Sales

Andrea Ruiz

I am constantly developing as a person. The company actually sees me. Believing in our product is really important to me. All the great opportunities in PR and communication that we offer, both inspires and motivates me to meet our customers. Also, the awesome culture in the office makes it fun to go to work!

- Account Manager

Alexander Horré

The culture at Mynewsdesk makes you feel encouraged to do great things. Our executives are easy, fun to talk to and accessible. Along with an open, including atmosphere and English being the corporate language, the company for real promotes diversity.

- Product owner

Sylvia Eberl

I find it very inspiring to work with so many exciting and different brands! Knowing that we actually contribute to our customers’ success is what really gives me satisfaction in my job.

- Director Sales & Account Manager

Joakim Olander

As a developer, I get invited to genuine participation. Together with other dedicated, great and competent employees, we get to influence product development. As a company, we need to take risks and be a part of the forefront.

- Developer

6 Reasons why you should be working at Mynewsdesk


Opportunity for development

Who you are and what you bring to the table is truly valuable.
All of our employees play an essential part in shaping our product and business - today and tomorrow. We want you to play a part too.


Agile working

We like to bring people, processes and technology together, and we like to see you fail. And get up and try again. We encourage you to continuously find new ways and solutions: what works best for you and for the business?



Embrace your creativity. We offer the creative freedom to develop new ideas and innovative thinking. That’s why we think that in combination with our agile mindset, this is a breeding ground for really great things!


Digital innovation

Join the digital (r)evolution! Using the latest technology, we create the latest technology. We are passionate creators of innovation and all about cutting-edge development.


Great conditions and benefits

Enjoy all the big business benefits in combination with the spirit of a start-up. You will be challenged to excel professionally and have some great perks meanwhile. Anyone said 30 days of holiday per year?



We support, challenge and inspire each other. That’s something we do on every day basis, both with co-workers and customers. You will become a part of an inspiring mix of heartiness and competition, because that’s what we really are all about.

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